Change the language you speak and start to heal

It is a scientific fact that everything in this Universe, including the human species, is made of energy. Our bodies are made of light repackaged as matter. There are 40 million species on the planet, and out of those 40 million, there are only 2 species where the females stay alive after they can no longer reproduce. Those two species are humans and dolphins. Why is this? The Divine Intelligence of Nature prefers intelligence to beauty and brawn and humans and orcas have a greater brain to body ratio than any other species on the planet!
This Intelligence is known as Consciousness.
So as we travel on this path called life, one of the most difficult journeys we will ever walk is from the head to the heart and aligning our headspace with the vibration of the heart. Therefore it is imperative that our conscious thoughts align with positive intentions supported by loving awareness because this is the fuel we feed our subconscious mind, and our subconscious will answer to the words, images and thoughts our conscious mind and our emotions project. Change will only transpire when we grasp the magnitude of this and feel it with every ounce of our being!
“When you unite mentally and emotionally with the good you wish to embody, the creative powers of your subconscious will respond accordingly.” ~ John Kehoe. 

My mind has been my most faithful servant… and most cunning saboteur.

The mind is predominantly reliant on and motivated by the information stored in our subconscious ‘filing system’. Every emotional wound we’ve received and belief we’ve formed since babyhood is stored there. The mind uses this information to determine who we are and how best to serve us based on that information. The issue is that we are no longer who we used to be…. 

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