‘Food of the gods’

Ever wondered why people exchange chocolate on romantic occasions?

Well, let’s step back in time, long before Willie Wonker or the conventional chocolatey treat that we all know and have come to love came about. As far back as 3000 years ago, to a time when raw cacao, the base ingredient in most chocolates, was used medicinally and spiritually.

Cacao known among the ancient Maya as the “food of the gods” because of its powerful aphrodisiac properties, was believed to awaken the “love hormones” in the body.

In the jungle, shamans use cacao in its raw, unadulterated form for healing. In our modern world, this plants sacred medicinal value had been forgotten and overlooked.

That is until now… the spirit and energy of this incredible plant medicine has found her way back into our lives and when used correctly, she unlocks our ability to explore our own personal and mystical journey from an enlightened perspective.

Cacao made her way into my life almost 2 years ago and the calling to work with her was clear. Over the past year I have connected with and studied the sacred art of preparing and serving cacao and have made it part of my daily practice.

Swapping out your morning coffee for a delicious cup of cacao unleashes such beautiful creative energies whilst giving you a subtle morning boost.


• Increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure, promotes a healthy heart and provides mental clarity.
• Rich in powerful antioxidants – up to 40 times more than blueberries, which absorb free radicals.
• Boasts the highest plant-based source of iron—twice that of spinach
• Full of magnesium for a healthy heart and brain
• Contains more calcium per 100g than cow’s milk
• Contains neurotransmitters serotonin, tryptophan and dopamine that stimulate brain activity and regulate mood – so its the perfect mood elevator and natural antidepressant
• Contains the mood enhancing compound PEA or phenthylamine triggered when falling in love or during sexual activity that could increase libido
• Promotes weight loss as a natural, healthy appetite suppressant
• Increases energy
• Contains anti-aging properties


• Acts as a heart chakra opener, promoting subtle heart opening experience which moves us from our head to our heart allowing for deeper, authentic love-based connections and emotional release.
• Promotes deep meditation, powerful shamanic journeying and connection with your own innate spiritual wisdom. Thus providing clarity and allowing you to receive inspiration and experience increased conscious creativity
• Creates a stronger connection with your higher self, to connect you with your own power and truth.
• Remove blocks, provides greater awareness to oneness, love, and enlightenment and creates a blissful life.
• Cacao is the only food in the world that connects your left and right brain, creating a physiologically supportive state for accessing unity consciousness and balancing your masculine and feminine energy
• Improves yoga, breathwork and practices, along with increasing flow of energy through Qigong, Reiki, and Kundalini.
• Allows connection to higher dimensions and ability to receive downloads
Raises your vibrations and cultivates a sense of peace, allows us to connect to the divine flow of the Universe

If you feel inspired to dance with the sacred Spirit of Cacao, share her magic, and experience the profound effects she has to offer – connect with me and lets dance together 💃


• Cacao powder – ready for that perfect cacao drink
• Cacao chocolatey treat – various options available
• Date and Cacao balls – the perfect healthy snack for anywhere, anytime.

All my cacao products are prepared in sacred ceremony and imprinted with intentions for the highest good for all. Some products contain nuts. Honey and coconut sugar are used. Contain no dairy.

For more information on cacao products, to place your order or to find out more about sacred ceremonies and gatherings, please email me at letsconnect.myessence@gmail.com 📧

Why not allow yourself to stay curious with an open heart as you navigate this incredible gift we call life…


1 thought on “‘Food of the gods’”

  1. What a well written and informative article Leigh.

    I have been using Cacao Nibs and Powder (along with some other Superfoods) in my morning breakfast. I knew that cacao has many health benefits, but your article has certainly brought a new dimension and respect for this plant medicine. In fact, I didn’t even think of it in terms of a “plant medicine”, but rather just another healthy ingredient in the morning, thank you for bringing that perspective!

    I would love to connect with you to learn more about the spiritual benefits of cacao to help me along my journey.


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