Reflecting on 2019 – My Year in a Word

2019 can be summed up for me in one word – H E A L T H – in big, bold, intimidating capital letters!!

For a lot of 2019 I dealt with health issues.
I’m in actual fact writing this post chilling on my couch in the final stages of recovery from surgery and prepping for another surgery later this month.

I started the year with pneumonia – (I mean who the hell gets pneumonia in the middle of summer) – and I’m ended my year recovering from gallbladder surgery that got ‘complicated’.

As I reflect on the year that has passed, I wanted to share some of the beautiful lessons I have learned from Mistress Health.

The true measure of any relationship is found in times of hardship. And boy oh boy has Mark , my hubby, proved that our relationship is rock solid this year. His love for me has shone through in so many ways – from running to grab a bucket when I was uncontrollably vomiting because I ate something that my gallbladder ‘rejected’ to just holding me tight and telling me we would get through this when it was just all too much for me when I was told that it would take up to 6months for my torn calf muscle to heal. Not fun when a lot of your time is spent on your feet facilitating.

I learnt that I can cry rivers of tears. This is has been quite an epiphany for me because I am by nature not someone who cries a lot. I have cried more tears in the last 2months than I have cried in the previous 49years!

I was a bit freaked out until a friend, who is fountain of wiseness, sent me this:

Tears wash away all the germs, toxins and the sheer exhaustion of trying to do it all!
After crying, our breathing and heart rate decrease, and we enter into a calmer biological and emotion state. Emotional tears have special health benefits.
Crying makes us feel better, even when a problem persists.
In addition to physical detoxification, emotional tears heal the heart.

So I have just accepted that the tears that flow and flow and flow are my healing tears.

This Mistress that is Health has taught me that spending time recovering properly is critical. In January I ignored the Doctor’s recovery timeframe for my chest infection – he says 1week but we are superwoman and can do anything so we just take 2days ……… and then we are shocked when we are knocked down ‘harder’. And that peeps is how I landed up with pneumonia and lost most of February!

The ‘right’ friends are critical and more so when you are ‘not at your peak’. I have the best group of women – the 4Awesome Friends as we call ourselves – who have completely enveloped me in their love this year. A special and surreal moment for me was opening my eyes in ICU and one of them had appeared like an angel. I’m not sure I would have survived that circus without her! And I’m not sure she’s ever going to recover from having to help me on and off the commode.

Later another one of these amazing women who make up this special group interpreted the blood results for my hubby in plain English, because we don’t speak ‘Doctor’.

And I will forever be grateful to the 3rd member of this amazing group for brushing my hair so that I looked halfway decent and rushing to my house to look at my stitches when we weren’t sure they looked ‘right’.

It’s in the dark moments we know who are true friends are and I got to really experience true friendship this year.

And the ‘right’ collaborations are also critical – maybe even more so than friends when you’re running your own business. The most incredible woman has just stepped in during November and become ‘me’. She has delivered work that I couldn’t shift, wowed the clients and left me with a complete sense of calmness.

I have also experienced an outpouring of love from my clients. The incredible people who are my clients have stood by me when I’ve had to shift things around. They have been coached with me lying on my couch at home because my leg was so painful that I couldn’t walk let alone drive! (That client even landed up in my kitchen making us lunch).

I have learnt to really ask myself the question: Does this serve me and my business and then say No unapologetically! My body has taught me to put myself first – something that I have tried and failed at so many times.

Lastly and most importantly, vulnerability is the new superpower. I am by nature an incredibly private person but when I stopped acting like I was ok, it opened the space for others to be vulnerable around their ‘stuff’ and for the most beautiful connections to happen.

I want to invite you to really deeply reflect on the year that was and celebrate the beautiful lessons you have learnt.

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