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Hey, I am Paula, the co-founder of this beautiful platform and concept. I am a mother, sister, aunt, friend, entrepreneur, healer, coach, teacher, student, leader and earthling.

Since a very young age my calling has been to be of service to others and make a difference in this world.

23 years ago my life totally changed after reading the Celestine Prophecies, an absolute must read. My journey of working in the unseen world of possibilities began then and wow! what an incredible journey it has been thus far. Since then I have read many life-changing books, which I will share in another post.

In 2002 I got introduced to deep meditation, I enrolled in a hands-on healing course, attended weekly meditations and started developing my own soul gifts. I was still working in corporate at the time and it was such a huge privilege to be in a management role where I could share the light with others and incorporate spirit in business.

Over the years I have been involved in many projects, worked in a corporate leadership role and thirteen years ago I took a bold step onto the road of entrepreneurship. What a beautiful, life changing journey this has been. I am not your usual entrepreneur. Everything I work with have to incorporate Spirit and I am driven by my heart and my endless optimism, always believing that I can make a difference and no matter what, I will always be looked after.

Wellness in all aspects, especially spiritual wellness, is a priority in my life. I believe we have come to this earth for a reason and that we are all responsible for looking after our beautiful earth, fellow human beings and all other beings that we share this magical place with. I love yoga, meditation, nature walks, mountain getaways and soul enriching conversation.

When I have soul-filled experiences I feel there is an open link between me and the divinity that connects all things. This is exactly why I started this beautiful platform, a place to bring awareness, knowledge and accessibility to wellness products, services and experiences. With the huge increase in digital engagement, we now, more than ever, have to prioritise our wellness. Our mission is to help you Disconnect to Reconnect, in a sense you have to unplug from the fastpacedness of modern life, reconnect with your soul, rejuvenate and then return to life with a sense of connection, belonging, clarity and direction.

It’s our duty to show up fully and courageously in our own lives and be true leaders of change. Our own healing and growth must be our highest priority. Over the last 3 years I have really made my own healing and spiritual growth a top priority! I can not even begin to put it into words. I will share my experiences over time.

Through this platform we are collaborating with wellness experts and extraordinary healers that share our vision and passion for wellness. Look out for their posts and videos in the future.

We have created Yoom for all who have the desire to live a purposeful, happy and healthy life.

May you always live and act from your heart centre and may harmony of body, mind and soul be your main focus.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Yoom Wellness”

  1. Hi Paula, I attended your vision board exercise on Sat in Yserfontein and found it to be profoundly transformative. At one point on the drive back to Cape Town tears started flowing down my face. I cried for a while, at first it was softly shy and soon deep breathing filling my chest and the tears flowed – I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and release. For two days following your exercise, I had a dull headache which lifted today. I can’t fully explain what I’m processing but the journey is real and I trust it. Thank you for the work you’re doing – it’s a beatuful service. Love & light, Heléne.


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